2. What are First symptoms?

First of all, most of the symptoms can be translated as what we mean by "diseases" or "conventional" physical complaints. The repertoire of the body to react is limited, and it will unwind "Familiar" if it gets out of balance. These references are not meant to be a substitute for the doctor's visit, as long as our faith is not absolutely solidified and we have learned to intervene through concentration. That's something that everyone has to decide for themselves. And it may differ from person to person. However there are also some symptoms which cannot be associated with anything known.

The effect of the supramental consciousness in the terrestrial realm has massively started more than fifty years ago. Many people are already undergoing unnoticed changes. Others find recurring symptoms and physical disturbances, which accumulate and reoccur despite of unchanged lifestyle.

Basically, the susceptibility to physical disorders ("diseases") has increased. This is not due to a supposed "impatience" or "attack" of the supramental consciousness, but to the laws of Matter, which have grown and hardened over the millennium. And to their resistance against the new consciousness. This is what translates to us as a disturbance in this process.



     General and mental symptoms


Many people feel an "acceleration of time", combined with inexplicable exhaustion, stubborn lack of drive and a diffuse anxiety that they cannot cope with daily requirements. Triggers may be the purification of the Vital or the beginning work on the physical cell consciousness. The body then easily gets out of balance.

There may be sudden aggression, inadequate theatrics due to a relatively insignificant trigger, or a short period of depression, which also disappears inexplicably. It remains the impression that one had to deal with something unreal. If this is repeated, one should try to remain calm and give no faith to the negativity that wants to surprise us. In no case one should allow the mind to create its dramatic story about, as "logical justification". These moods stem from the lower nature and must be rejected.


Sensitive people can perceive a temporary "darkness" which has nothing to do with the external realities, but with the momentary internal shifting of consciousness into the body.


Typical is the re-emergence of overcome problems of our childhood or of the time of our ancestors. Through our body cells and karmic entanglements we also carry these contents within us. Usually similar or related topics are repeated, so that one can soon recognize a pattern. 


More and more people are questioning the basic values and laws in all areas of life which have hitherto been proved scientifically and regarded as inviolable. Both in social, medical and religious terms. So far, they have served as a stabilizing basis for life and now will be broken to open us for the new consciousness. There may be phases of uncertainty to let go the old ones and, despite resistance from our environment, to trust new (inner and outer) ways that attract us more and more.

The inner need for spiritual reading or temporary withdrawal from the energetic "noise" of the outside world is growing.

Our perception is expanding and, despite contradictory statements, the fundamental impulses behind the action patterns of others are seen. That is why long-term relationships can break away and the circle of contacts decreases. If we talk about these things we are usually regarded with skepticism. Not everyone can deal with our increasing authenticity, which is increasingly turning away from the socially recognized roll games.


Synchronicities happen, we have premonitions, and visions come true which we received years ago. They are given us as a "handrail" and support the belief in the higher leadership, which was always at our side.


In an advanced stage of transformation there may be phases in which we sense the world around as "unreal". To us people in their hectic activism seem to be „remote controlled" and some of their reactions and actions appear "artificially". This may mean that we have briefly crossed into a more genuine, more peaceful consciousness without realizing it. This happens preferably when our thought spiral has stopped for a moment.  


Receptive people feel the steadily rising of the global consciousness and they come in touch with a quiet, soft and simultaneous strong presence in the background. If we try to grasp her with the mind, she withdraws.


In principle, mood fluctuations seem to increase, which cannot be fixed on concrete triggers. 



    Physical symptoms


The influence of the new consciousness on our body is first perceived as more or less painful  sustained pressure on head, neck or shoulders. Sometimes it feels as if you would carry an extra invisible load with you.

It can lead to a burning or tensioning down the right and left side of the spine. 


Typical for our Western intellect is being stuck in the mind spiral. It can lead to a mental constriction which feels like a burning or "stitching" behind the forehead, like mini-explosions. If one is further advanced in the transformation, a "overheating" of the body can occur, starting with the head through the body downwards, which again runs out over the hands and feet.

These hot flashes occur, when something in ourselves impedes the flow of consciousness through the body. They differ from the usual heat waves in the menopause by the flow direction from top to bottom and the running out over feet and hands.


In resting phases restlessness in legs and arms may occur according to the symptoms of restless-leg syndrome. The legs represent the connection to the global Matter. When parts from the global unconscious or subconscious rise up in us in the opposite direction, overloading and nerve irritation can occur in these areas. This happens primarily at night, since the supramental consciousness can then work largely undisturbed by our mental and vital functions.


This flooding with unresolved contents leads to an acidification of the body and symptoms of poisoning: increased cold sweating (smelly), nausea, digestive problems, gastrointestinal infections, sinusitis, hoarseness, pressure on nasal and frontal sinuses, kidney problems, bladder infections, itchy mucous and skin irritation, dental problems (irritation of tooth roots; the feeling, as if the teeth loosen itself), temporary asymmetric water storage (also in the face), weight gain without changing the eating habits, etc. 


Disorders of the sleep-wake cycle: At times we are "overloaded" of the Supramental Light, topfit and busy, which can overload the nervous system. Then again we are forced to longer regeneration cycles by the adjustment or clearing phases, on which we have no influence.


"Dreaming" is intensified and is sometimes very symbolic. We recognize that much of it is visions, premonitions or symbolic explanations for inner states of consciousness or progress. They differ in their clarity and memory stability from pure dreams.


At times, the heart beat changes "without reason", it becomes irregular or intensifies itself, which is perceived especially in the resting phase.


Noises in the ear occur, such as e.g. a minute-long whistling, or an ear suddenly "closes" for a short time.


Loss of sense of smell or increased perception, e.g. one can taste the individual taste components of a meal - unpleasant when dealing with industrially manufactured food.



Unknown physical body sensations


They are so new that they cannot be assigned to a known experience:

When eyes closed, e.g. before falling asleep or during meditations: the perception of a white, flickering light, a violet or orange pulsating light that seems to come closer. 

Some are able to see a light blue or silvery flickering in the space around them when it is dark.

Through the typical black-and-white patterns, which we can see when during intense rubbing of the eyes, bright light breaks in. In a more advanced stage of transformation one can see the golden "dusts" of the supramental consciousness: innumerable vibrating tiny gold dots. A few different colored dots between them represent different higher energies.


Delicate touches at the tips of the hair, which triggers a slight shudder "over" the scalp; especially after phases of intensified pressure. This tingling slight chill later occurs in various body regions, where it under gentle pressure swells up and ebbs away again.


A pleasant warm streaming through different body regions.


If our body consciousness is receptive, a tremor of the body may occur when one comes into contact with the Supramental Force, e.g. at a darshan with Mother Meera. 


Burning stitches on the toes and fingertips that occur abruptly.



A tingling, delightful trickle in individual thin lines through the body, graceful as a children's smile.

Typical for the flow of new consciousness is the direction from top to bottom. 


Words are unsuitable for adequately describing some of the sensations. Even if they last on only for seconds they leave back the indelible impression of being touched by something "Higher" or "Deeper". Something in us remembers and knows. 

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 Der Mensch ist ein Übergangswesen. 

 Man is a transitional being. 

 Um den Glauben und alles andere zu erlangen, muss man darauf bestehen, ihn zu bekommen und darf solange nicht erlahmen oder verzweifeln oder aufgeben, bis man ihn besitzt – auf diese Weise wurde alles erlangt, seit diese schwierige Erde von denkenden und sehnsüchtigen Wesen bewohnt wird. Es gilt, sich ständig dem Licht zu öffnen und der Finsternis den Rücken zu kehren. Es gilt, die Stimmen zurückzuweisen, die unermüdlich behaupten: "Du kannst nicht, du darfst nicht, du bist unfähig, du bist eine Marionette eines Traumes." 

In order to gain faith and everything else you have to insist on getting it and must not grow weak, despair or give up until it is possessed - in this way everything has been obtained since this difficult earth is inhabited by thinking and longing beings. It is a matter of constantly opening ourselves to the light and turning your back on the darkness. It is necessary to reject the voices which tirelessly assert: "You cannot, you must not, you are incapable, you are a marionette of a dream."

 Ich glaube, ich kann behaupten, Tag und Nacht, Jahr um Jahr gewissenhafter experimentiert zu haben, als ein Wissenschaftler seine Theorie oder Methode auf der physischen Ebene prüft. 


I think I can claim to have experimented day and night, year by year, more conscientiously than a scientist examines his theory or method on the physical plane. 

 Die Manifestation der Liebe des Göttlichen in der Welt war das große Selbstopfer, die höchste Selbsthingabe. Das Vollkommene Bewusstsein willigte darin ein, in die Unbewusstheit der Materie einzutauchen und von ihr aufgesaugt zu werden, auf dass Bewusstheit in den tiefen ihrer Finsternis erweckt werde und nach und nach eine göttliche Macht darin auftauche und die Gesamtheit dieses manifestierten Universums zu einem höchsten Ausdruck des göttlichen Bewusstseins und der göttlichen Liebe mache.


The manifestation of the Divine Love in the world was the great self-sacrifice, the highest self-giving. The Perfect Consciousness consented to immerse in the unconsciousness of matter and to be absorbed by it to awaken consciousness in the depths of its darkness and to gradually reveal a Divine power in it and to turn the totality of this manifested universe into a supreme expression of the Divine consciousness and Divine love.


Ich kam nach Indien, um Sri Aurobindo zu begegnen. Ich blieb in Indien, um mit Sri Aurobindo zu leben. Als er seinen Körper verließ, fuhr ich fort, hier zu leben, um sein Werk weiterzuführen: d.h. der Wahrheit zu dienen und die Menschheit zu erleuchten, um die Herrschaft der göttlichen Liebe auf der Erde zu beschleunigen. 


 I came to India to meet Sri Aurobindo. I remained in India to live with Sri Aurobindo. When he left his body, I continued to live here in order to do his work which is by serving the Truth and enlightening humanity to hasten the rule of the Divine's Love upon earth.

 Gegenwärtig sind wir mitten in der Übergangsperiode, in welcher beide sich ineinander verschränken: Die alte Welt besteht noch in all ihrer Macht, beherrscht das gewöhnliche Bewusstsein, aber die neue schleicht sich ein, so bescheiden und unaufdringlich, dass sie für den Augenblick wenigstens äußerlich nicht sehr viel verändert ... aber sie arbeitet, sie wächst, bis auf den Tag, an dem sie stark genug ist, sich augenfällig zu behaupten. 


At the present time we are in the midst of the transitional period in which the two are intertwined: the old world still exists in all its power, dominates the ordinary consciousness, but the new is creeping in so modest and unobtrusive that at least for the moment it does not change much externally ...  but it works, it grows, until the day it is strong enough to assert itself visibly.


 Ich sah diese zwei Extreme: den Gipfel des Yogi und den Gipfel, sagen wir, des Elektronikers oder des Intellekts. Und was lag zwischen den beiden? Und wo ist es besser zu entschwinden? – Denn in beiden Fällen schien man zu entschwinden: entweder in leuchtendem Weiß oder in einem ziemlich erstickenden Schwarz. Aber das Leben, das göttliche Leben war das nicht!


 I saw these two extremes: the summit of the yogi and the summit, say, the electronics or the intellect. And what was between the two? And where is it better to escape? – For in both cases one seemed to be disappearing: either in bright white or in a rather suffocating black. But it wasn't life, not the Divine Life!

 Oh, wir halten uns alle für weise und wissend, wie schade! Wir schlafen weise und wissenschaftlich und auf einem seltsamen Feuer, das dort glimmert und das demnächst all unsere Weisheiten und Wissenschaften umstürzen wird. Was für Kinder wir doch sind! Dort, im Körper. Dieses Mysterium ...


Oh, we all consider ourselves wise and knowing, how pity! We sleep wisely and scientifically and on a strange fire glimmering there which will soon overthrow all our wisdoms and sciences. What children we are! There, in the body. This mystery ...


Es ist sehr seltsam: wie zwei Körper ineinander. Der eine weiß unwiderruflich und für immer und allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz, er kennt das Leben, das er berührt; und der andere, ein wenig darüber und ihn gleichsam verhüllend, ist der alte sterbliche Körper, das Resultat unzähliger Vorahnen, die ihm den Tod und nur den Tod eintrichterten – den Tod bei der geringsten Anzweiflung seines überlieferten alten Rhythmus. Und dieser weiß überhaupt nichts! Er weiß nur um das alte Gesetz.


It is very strange: like two bodies in each other. The one knows irrevocably and forever and against all odds, he knows the life he touches; and the other a little above and covering him is the old mortal body, the result of countless ancestors which brought him death and only death  – death at the slightest doubt of his ancient tradition. And he knows nothing at all! He only knows the old law. 

Es ist die Dunkelheit vor der


just the darkness

before dawn ...