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How I found myself in the Supramental Transformation

I have hesitated for a few years to reveal my way publicly. I can confirm that it is unwise to talk too early about spiritual experiences. At the beginning of this physical process of transformation you are easily thrown out of the way because of the increasing permeability and temporary instability of the "old" system. In addition to that you become subject to unnecessary attacks of the lower nature you are not yet able to cope with. Meanwhile stability has grown and I wanted to leave a few useful  "footprints".   

The transitional period can be an immense challenge because there is no human person to help you. These processes are not visible to anyone for they run under the surface. People who surround you will only recognize your strange behaviour what by the way is typical for real spiritual seekers. Since this path is still very rare you cannot expect any understanding at all and you have to deal with resistance and isolation. Even if the number of those who are preceding is continually increasing Mother spoke at her time of one among fifty million.

Be conscious of the fact that this way contains risks.  



"If you want to hear God laugh, make a plan ..."


    My personal life planning was not special, compared to other people: A loving husband, healthy children and a job that fills me.

I had all that for a while, more or less. And before as a perfect workout and final karmic compensation a less great childhood. And because things did not go my way –  I admit, a slight understatement – more and more urgent questions arose. I started quarreling with the divine guidance. Since I had been taught at school, God would love us, only wants the best for us and we could turn to Him for help. But at the point "the best" HIS and my views gaped a lot.

He is indeed a very clever rascal who long since had kept a watchful eye on me, though I was pushing him away. In a refined way he tied me closer and closer and pulled me unremarkable in His direction, away from the outer world. 

It included various sensual and physical perceptions in childhood that were not "of this world." Among other things, not to believe in death. My grandfather had died, and in the midst of the energetic atmosphere which accompanied this family event, I lay in bed for weeks before I fell asleep, and repeated, "I cannot die at all, it is impossible!" Death was felt by me as absolute untruth, from my whole body. At some point this inner turmoil ebbed.

School time and studying more and more moved the focus on the Mental and I "functioned" as expected. For many years this should remain like this. 


Until my marriage collapsed and I suddenly was a single mother of two sons. At the time I did not know what was the underlaying reason for it and I suffered a lot.

A little later I was given a book. It was a present from a nice young lady, who entered my life only for a short time and disappeared just as suddenly. As if it had been her only task. The title of the book was "The Road Less Traveled, A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth“ by Scott Peck. It answered some of my most painful questions. Memories broke up, the "supernatural" perception returned, and the seed for my conscious spiritual search was laid. Further books and spiritual seminars followed, all of which served the purpose of opening the heart and strengthening the soul. I began to meditate and was given first summit experiences. But I was not aware of the fact that they all contained a physical component.

It was already in the second elementary school class that I had decided to become a teacher. For many years I loved working with the children. But the "cerebral" of this profession and narrow-minded rules burdened me increasingly. That is why I planned to switch to a healing profession. I followed an extra-occupational training on weekends until I had the necessary qualifications. 

During this time I met Werner J. Meinhold, the author of "Der Wiederverkörperungsweg eines Menschen durch die Jahrhtausende" (The Reincarnation of a Man through the Millennium). He is one of the most important hypnosis therapists in the German-speaking world. During my training at the GTH (German Society for Therapeutic Hypnosis and Hypnosis Research) I visited a weekend workshop with him. This time has enriched my way through valuable impetus and advanced my inner visions. 

In Part I I quote from this work to make our inner stages of development alive. During three years Dr. Peter Reiter was put in hypnosis in sessions of up to several hours in order to go back to the beginnings of his remembered being. In his book Mr. Meinhold compiled written records of these sessions with additional reflections about our spiritual being. The accordance of his insights and those of Sri Aurobindo and Mother is astonishing which supports the truthfulness of this going-back in past lives under hypnosis.  


But nothing came of my planning for the future since HE once again followed His own agenda about which He kept me in the dark.  

From week to week and more and more I became extremely thin-skinned for no apparent reason. Until one of my worst nightmares became a reality: My child was diagnosed with ‚bone cancer'. At the children's cancer ward several mothers told me that they had suffered this phenomenon themselves. 

Two years later my son passed away.   

During this time, which I consider to be one of the most wonderful heart experiences of my life, I experienced how deeply I had already penetrated into the mystery of my inner consciousness. God is neither nothing or emptiness nor an impersonal consciousness. 

Synchronicities accumulated and for a long time I had the inner vision of being accompanied by light beings. I felt their loving support reducing the fear and suffering I had to go through every day. I shared this energy and strength with my son and he felt it.  

There was no anger against the Lord when he „took“ my child, even if the pain over his loss was unbearable. 

Apart from the fact that the meaning was revealed to me in the meantime my son had lived his life so restlessly in his only 16 years as if he did not have much time on earth. A vision shortly after the diagnosis had shown me that he would not defeat the disease. Still, like every mother, I fought to the end.


After he had left his body I was rewarded with incredibly uplifting after-death-experiences. At the funeral I therefore was confronted with the lack of understanding of my environment: I felt the presence of my son surrounding me with peace, light and love. Filled with eternal bliss I had a strong need to comfort the mourners. 

My elder son had the right to be concerned about my behavior: „Mom, you are so cheerful, people do not understand that.“ I was absolutely not aware at the moment, I could not help. 

A former girlfriend was shaking her head slowly while she was reproachfully staring at me. For a moment I felt guilty without knowing why. 

Ten days later my son came to me again to say goodbye. I felt his (!) embrace as I had felt it hundreds of times before. No doubt it was his unique presence. When it got stronger a spontaneous question arose: „Tim, is it you…?“ I looked up instinctively and listened. The word farewell was silently formed in my mind. He had decided to go on.

Later I read in one of my books about near-death-experiences that many of the deceased would remain in the earthly atmosphere for about ten days before they went on. Further details which I had experienced in the context were also described there.

Of course after his departure I missed him indefinitely painful. Still, I could let him go in love because he had shown me how happy he was.

The next time I took care of my elder son, as much as I could. During the last two years he had always had to go back and he still managed his life in a way that was sapping my energy. 

Meanwhile he is going his way without me.

 This was probably the right time for the Divine Consciousness to speed things up. In the next few years I lost my complete external existence and all the friends who had not already said goodbye to cancer and death.

An increasing number of absences due to „illness“ followed, each time without medical findings. Very soon the people around me put the label burnt-out on me: A single mother who had not been able to cope with the death of the son and was sinking into depression. It felt torn inside because part of me absolutely knew that this was not the reason. But this part was not yet strong enough to convince my outward personality to let the fear go.    

One morning I sat on the bed crying. For the first time I did not want to go back to school. I asked for admission to a psychosomatic clinic. Now I wanted to know once and for all what was going on. I could never have imagined that my childhood testimony was subject of the transformation and I already was deeply involved in the process.

The first days in the clinic were an ordeal. I was desperately trying to find something unprocessed from my childhood which could explain the physical collapse. In addition to that I was surrounded by lots of stressful and negative energy fields. My sensitive consciousness of the body reacted with poisoning symptoms and a total cleansing: I got an „stomach flu“. 

The intense circles in which the patients regularly collapsed crying were exhausting. Crying was obviously seen as a therapeutic success. I sometimes could not bear the pressure on my fellow patients to bring them to this point. While we were invited to verbalize our appreciation of it. Tears may be relieving when they come from themselves. I had extensive experience in it. If one begins seriously to follow a spiritual path everything is coming up what should be released. To put pressure on someone for this purpose is questionable. 

Most of the time I felt like an observer and a little out of place.  

I was fond of the short rounds of trance at the beginning of the courses. A lot of inner pictures came up. Whereas problems? None. From then on the group therapists were grilling and provocation me.

During a guided meditation I had an crucial spiritual experience: I, or something of myself, was lifted up about five meters below the ceiling. Since I am very curious the feeling of hovering made me open my eyes briefly. To my astonishment I was still sitting on the chair. I checked this unobtrusively several times.

In the further course of the meditation my "inner heart" swelled up bigger and bigger. It was not only a blessing but a very physical sensation. 

Afterwards I felt an inner glow. When I closed my eyes I could see it. I floated on cloud nine and attracted other patients. Especially those who had lost a beloved person and did not get over it. When I told them about my experiences they smiled and were grateful. After a while I felt uncomfortable because I got suspicious looks.  

After about two weeks my happiness slowly faded.

In the offered courses we regularly had to paint our inner worlds on big sheets of paper. The results were presented to the other patients. Afterwards the posters were visible for all hung up on the walls. 

From then on my spiritual direction could not be concealed anymore. In my daily hour of single therapy one of the group therapist looked at me sincerely: „That’s no illness what you are suffering from. You are experiencing a spiritual crisis." He told me not to fight against it any longer. A part of me knew it already. 


Thanks to the support of a competent psychiatrist in addition to the obvious experiences in the clinic I found the courage to let go my old life and devote myself to the divine guidance. Within a few months I lost my house, my profession and all external collateral. Because of my absences due to „illness“ and the final clinical report I was early retired. That’s why I was forced to register for insolvency.

I knew these spiritual examinations and I was still afraid of it. But the fear no longer ruled my life.  



It is often the case that, as soon as they turn to the divine, they are deprived of all material support and all that they love. If they take an affection for someone, they also lose him. This is not done to everyone, but to those who are called.



What has a spiritual path to do with the body?


 I was no longer left in the dark about that question. In my familiar environment at home the strange experience from the clinic happened again. During meditation I began to hover. When I blinked curiously I saw myself sitting on the sofa. The game went on and on for a while and I was seriously worried about the ceiling, because, as far as I could see, I was already hovering over it.

Suddenly my body was filled with fierce inner light explosions that shot up above the crown chakra. At that moment I thought, 'Now you are dying!'

As I read later it was the moment when the psychic being was connected with the Supramental Light from above. After that the body consciousness descended again, back in the body where it should be, in my opinion. 

The whole thing was a physically experienceable and truly "explosive" act which made me thoroughly frightened. Or, more precisely, a part of me. Thoughts were stopped completely, the mind was overstrained. But other part of me knew

The Supramental Light took up his work down the crown chakra through the body. It followed an exhausting time of adaptation which I don't want to describe here in detail. Little by little I was led to the right books and texts that told me what was happening. Experience after experience and explanation after explanation followed. Until the body itself learned, that is, the consciousness already contained in its cells, and the intellect gave up its control. I just needed to read elsewhere in a text, mainly in Mother's Agenda, and after a few lines I found exactly what I wanted to know. Concerning the practical sides of the transformation Mother’s Agenda proofs to be a genuine goldmine. There is not one single experience or pain she hasn’t suffered from and given exact explanations about. 

I had worked through most of the works of Sri Aurobindo and admired the depth of his analytical inner visions. But at that time my mind needed practical guidance. I was already too deeply involved in the process. 

Today I am sure that the informations concerning this path were deliberately revealed so late. This kind of spiritual crisis would probably not have been accepted in the clinic.

Up to that time I had worked extensively with other spiritual teachers and had learned a lot about devotion and the human ego. Above all the spiritual ego which is particularly stubborn to overcome. But then I reached a limit as every further book was mostly repeated in content. What I had read focused without exception on the traditional path of enlightenment which did not seem to be very attractive: Before entering this life I am spirit. After leaving this life I am spirit again. After enlightenment I will pass away and become a spirit? Why then this earthly and often painful incarnation? Why this wonderful and beautiful world? What about all the experiences in this world? The lengthly development from the unicellular organism to the human being? To disappear where we began and that’s it?!

I am a manual person and very much attached to the terrestrial identity. In addition from the beginning all my spiritual experiences had a physical component . I remember extrasensory phenomena in my childhood. At that time I had no one to whom I could have talked about. And after puberty they fell into oblivion. 

Immediately after my compulsory retirement and before the key experience mentioned above, I stood on the balcony one morning and complained loudly: "If this does not happen here on this planet and in this world, I don’t want it, f....... it!“ Sorry about the choice of words, but in this yoga you don’t become „more sacred" but more authentic. I cannot remember what had stirred me up at this moment.


Later, reading the book "The Mind of the Cells", my body completely went crazy. The entire consciousness of the body expressed itself in countless "mini-explosions" like in joyful excitement. From that moment I had no doubt on which spiritual path I had been called. 

Although Sri Aurobindo and Mother were foreign to me I became familiar with them and their different essence of consciousness. In one of my later researches they were described in exactly the same way I had felt it. 

No more questions are left as why the world is as it is and why my path was as it was. Even if I do not like the truth sometimes - it's about perseverance. The continuation of my path into the transformation is by no means simpler. The world is no longer seen purely externally like most people do, one experiences it with the whole being, also with the body. And one quickly understands why the traditional path of enlightenment is no longer enough to change this world to the better. The earth will serve furthermore as a home for us. It is time to remove the evolutionary garbage that stands in the way of deification. Escape is no solution.

I wished there were another way, the Divine consciousness would be able to do it easier for us or it could be shouldered equally by everyone on this planet. It would take the pressure of a little bit. Mother said, Yoga was not for cowards and one has to be a hero to do it. I don't want to contradict her. But the hero in us is the Psychic Being, not our surface person which sometimes would prefer to run away.

Recently, in one of my rare postal contacts with my family of origin, I was told to leave the sect and undergo a therapy. I had to laugh spontaneously because I am living an unspectacular life in an ordinary human environment and do not belong to any spiritual unification. I always had refused to be prisoned by something like that. All my life I was simply looking for the higher truth: about humans, why we are here and why life provides such painful passages for some and not for others. It seemed to me grotesque to assume that there was a God who arbitrarily and maliciously decides whether a man in his one life is one of the happy and joyful or one who stumbles from one suffering to another. And to allow each one only a certain number of years of life, depending on the mood. I could not believe in such a God. But without my struggle, my urgent questions and my overbearing sense of justice, through which I constantly rubbed myself with the Divine Consciousness, I would have received no answers. It was part of the plan.


The stubbornness of the denial of a physical transformation, the fears of being catched by a sect or following a wrong religion or spiritual current and taking damage is understandable. There is a gigantic and lucrative esoteric "fair", I am familiar with it. But the fear is unfounded. If you surrender  yourself to the Divine Consciousness alone you can go anywhere. Thanks to your own psychic being you will learn to distinguish what promotes your own path, which hinders it and who or what harms him. If it doesn't fit you can go on. Everyone comes to his goal in his own way.

What I am writing about is subject of what was revealed to me as the highest Truth while I was already involved in the process. For me, it remains the ultimate evolutionary goal. I know it is taking place because I am living it 24 hours a day unmistakably. I haven't chosen it. I was chosen. 

I can recognize how the old strikes out wildly all over the world and refuses to go, my body shares it. But I understand why it is like it is. It does not scare me despite its outer appearance. I act when I feel His impulse and do what I am meant to do in the world. 

How did mother say? "The Lord has no hurry". He will achieve his goal in us and through us.


Others boast of their love of God. My fame is that I did not love God - He loved me and sought me home and forced me to belong to Him.


Sri Aurobindo

Do I have an opinion on the global events?

The spiritual calling was a tremendous wake-up for me. Until then I was understandably busy in keeping the few balls of my life in the air which seemingly had remained. After having let go everything and the first adjustment phase of the supramental "light showers" was over my whole being had been so thoroughly "plowed" and broken that it was ready for the larger truth. That is due to the fact that our body consciousness, and not just that, is interconnected with the whole planet. How many karmic entanglements have arisen through the great number of our incarnations? In addition the genetic anchors in the ever-changing ancestor series into which we were born? 

A few years ago I had a deeply impressive experience on the soul level with one of the most far-sighted leaders in the world. It correlated to the message Sri Aurobindo telepatically transmitted to Mother after he had gone:

"All countries live in falsehood. If only one country courageously would stand to the truth the world could be saved.“ (Sri Aurobindo, India's Rebirth and the Renaissance of the Earth, p. 354)

From then on my focus spread over the whole world. This has not changed since then. But when they let me experience the whole extent of human suffering I overwhelmed broke over with pain, until I had integrated all that. With our body we understand and experience in a very intense way.


The question remained what all of this had to do with my incarnation. As Sri Aurobindo once pointed out one can only work on those issues which one carries within. Sometimes it is necessary to incarnate into certain living circumstances. Because of my biography my themes mainly were abuse and impotence which always occur together. So from childhood I painfully had to learn either completely to fail or always to swim against the current, in my search for truth,  no matter what others would think of me. It is absolutely true that we carry the appropriate power and strength within us to overcome precisely all that what is our greatest weakness. Or, as Mother once put it:  Your biggest flaw and your biggest problem in life will show you your life task. By overcoming it we mature, gain in strength and develop our psychic being. Since we do not make this yoga for ourselves, that is, for always a corresponding bundle of identical vibrations from the global Matter connects to ours, these are redeemed  too.  And that is exactly the principle of this transformation. Mother pointed out that the earthly milieu is a closed system. What has been redeemed has gone forever. Everyone who undergoes this way serves mankind as a whole and reduces once and for all what has to disappear from creation.


Is not it like an abuse that the soulpower of German nation was so shaken and weakened by the Asurian power, which has been acting through Hitler, that in many people the word "Nazi" or "right" is leading to keep their mouth shut? Even if they expressed the truth? The debt of Germany has been compensated, as Mother said. It is time to rise up inwardly, to nurture and strengthen one's psychic being, and not to repeat the old errors. Real power of spirit doesn't focus on moral values of individual groups and their vital interests: it goes beyond it and admits all human beings the right of realization, in the sense of their evolution. Our individuality was and is desired. 

Sri Aurobindo had a very true and detailed view of the future: 

"The difficulties [you feel] are general in the Ashram as well as in the outside world. Doubt, discouragement, diminution or loss of faith, waning of the vital enthusiasm for the ideal, perplexity and a baffling of the hope for the future are the common features of the difficulty. In the world outside there are much worse symptoms such as the general increase of cynicism, a refusal to believe in anything at all, a decrease of honesty, an immense corruption, a preoccupation with food, money, comfort, pleasure to the exclusion of higher things and a general expectation of worse and worse things awaiting the world. All that, however acute, is a temporary phenomenon for which those who know anything about the workings of the world-energy and the workings of the Spirit were prepared. I myself foresaw that this worst would come, the darkness of night before dawn; therefore I am not discouraged. I know what is preparing behind the darkness and can see and feel the first signs of its coming. Those who seek for the Divine have to stand firm and persist in their seeking; after a time, the darkness will fade and begin to disappear and the Light will come." (Sri Aurobindo, April 9, 1947,  India's Rebirth and the Renaissance of the Earth)

When I came across this statement I was disappointed. Disappointed about how right he was. It hold a mirror up to my embarrassed ego and I began to realize  what applies to every single person on the planet: We must beware of being lost in our own self-righteousness. How much of our own share have we repressed or „exported“, not only in this incarnation, so that it might blow up in our faces in the outside now? It is a matter of consciousness of all of us, we all draw from the global subconsciousness. Let us go into self-observation and self-perception: Isn’t it true that all desires, vital impulses and longings lie within ourselves? 

If I have learned anything through my years, it is this: All of us are capable of absolutely anything. It is slumbering inside of us as long as we are not transformed.


I was given another wake-up call by an aphorism of Sri Aurobindo. He transmitted it telepathically to Mother after he had gone: "Europe prides herself on her practical and scientific organisation and efficiency. I am waiting till her organisation is perfect; then a child shall destroy her.“ 

Mother referred to this aphorism three times in her agenda (read here and here and here). When I used it as header of my last website I had the illusion perhaps being able to awaken somebody with it. Meanwhile I am amused by my naivete even though it was full of good will. In my environment it is already difficult to talk about topics beyond the mainstream, let alone about the Supramental Transformation. "It is unacceptable which cannot be" – according to the all-dominant intellect. Sri Aurobindo has also foreseen that.  It ends at the same point where faith begins, which leads to real experiences.

It looks quite different when the price is right. Money rules the outer world. And by this I mean all "institutions": whether they are scientific, political, social or religious. But that will not last.  

It is true that the situation is one of deadlock. As an individual you seem to have lost power to change anything. But one must not underestimate the effect of an invisible "grass root revolution".

From a higher point of view the comparison with chess is also fitting: the Lord puts his figures strategically in position and moves each of us unseen. Not only those who have a certain power on the international stage. Even those who are so inconspicuous that they are not noticed.  And those who appear to us as "villains". Each individual has his own right to exist in the whole. While the Supramental consciousness is working invisibly on the Matter. If you consciously open yourself to this new power things can be accelerated and much suffering can be avoided. It will continue to exert pressure on us. Resistance, on the other hand, leads to grotesque and exaggerated behaviour, both interpersonal and on a global and political level. If one did not know that the Divine Consciousness has everything under control  one could indeed be scared.


The outward appearance of this world makes it difficult to believe that salvation of the earth is a settled matter. Whether it costs human lifes or not is not essential to the Divine Consciousness as we always come back. Many souls voluntarily give their earthly life.

But it is in our hands how long all the catastrophes will last. They are caused by resistance. This in turn depends on how long we want to keep on suffering and to reject Divine Guidance. Sometimes I cannot help but see a symbol of our sleepwalker consciousness in this obsession.  


If we want to serve the truth, we must reckon with headwind. There are, indeed, the opposing forces who do not want to give up their rule. As well as the low nature in every human being, even into our body-cells, which vehemently opposes and clings to the usual laws. Not out of wickedness but out of habit, because she does not yet know it better.

If you look into the sky these days you might think it is also visible for the physical eyes what we as mankind are doing to ourselves. Not only towards ourselves but to the whole earthly nature.

The ONLY WAY out

  (the only way out, read by the Mother)


Up to now to enter Nirvana was meant to be the highest spiritual realization. Sri Aurobindo called it a „narcosis“ in white peace. It is no progress but a return. It does not change the terrestrial conditions and deprives ourselves of our spiritual individuality which we have gained in thousands of years. Returning to the starting point has never been the goal.

It requires the additional transformation of the consciousness of our body cells with all his enclosed inertia, desires, addictions and fears. Otherwise all external actions will only be a repetition of the previous ones and will not take us one step further.

There is nothing which our polished intellect could not imagine and express in words. Well then? I have studied extensive spiritual literature for over twenty years. As a teacher you are trained in reading and text comprehension. But when I was thrown into practice  the words were filled with real understanding. Only when the body goes through its first experiences and responds in an absolutely fascinating way you really begin to understand. He remembers. That is the point when you begin to comprehend the world "through him“, deeper and more truthfully than the intellect ever could. You penetrate into a being where the mind cannot follow. It is as if you had crawled only on the thin, scratchy surface of things. And now you enter into the floating below the surface of things, you stand up tall inside, you expand, you understand from within, you become. 

That is why I am very grateful to Satprem for his records of the agenda and the many books he has written about the transformation, including his own. 


Someone told me that he was still`persona non grata´ in Sri Aurobindo Ashram. After escaping a murder he brought his records of Mother out of the country to make the Agenda in their authentic form available to the public. I don't know whether the both incidences are related but I think Satprem will have had reasons to act like this. 

Basically that’s my opinion: Whoever has understood Sri Aurobindo's yoga, the meaning of his incarnation and the great sacrifice that he and Mother made for us will not accept the concept of a 'persona non grata' as it pretends that one "stands above" this person. It is about oneness, to include everything and to transform the opposites into harmony. Separation by valuing must stop. Such an attitude tells us more about the detractors than the person being criticised. And what role does it play, who publishes the agenda on this planet? It belongs to the whole human race, in its original form, as mother wanted it. She entrusted it to Satprem. Without reason ...?

This behaviour reminds me of a statement I recently heard from the mouth of one of our well-known, self-declared spiritual teachers: "What if people like us would disappear from the planet? It would be hell, right?"

The spiritual ego with its tendency to think itself proudly separate is very tricky and hard to overcome. 


It is not a question of who "preaches" better, for that is easy. It also is not about adoring a Buddha or Jesus Christ or whomever we glorify. Even if it remains hidden from the eyes of mankind: It is about the most powerful action on earth which cannot done by ourselves, and least by our mind. But for which we can make ourselves available to the Divine Consciousness. It is a matter of opening to the new consciousness in order to anchor it more and more in this earthly milieu. In order to transform this world from within, and not to leave it back. The way isn't easy, not yet. So what?

Mother expressed it clearly: „It’s laziness ... Out of laziness they adore. One must become."

It is the same about the written works of Sri Aurobindo: You can look at them from all kinds of view, put them in another political, social, anthropological or any other "-cial" context, compare it to other philosophers, write an x-th summary about, discuss it to death, but at some point you have to stop it because "talking about" belongs to the old world. I did it by myself – for a while.

To take the path which Sri Aurobindo and Mother illuminated is something essentially different. To do it is the only thing Sri Aurobindo was interested in. Meanwhile I understand it in its full depth by experiencing it in the body.  

As ever challenging this way may be,  I am absolutely grateful that I am guided through it.


There is still a lot of skepticism toward the process of transformation. It is much less discussed than the philosophies of Sri Aurobindo. As always, Cui bono? Human consciousness is narrow-minded and shortsighted: we will incarnate here again and again. In what condition would we wish to find the world then?

These pages are just a small contribution to help things improve. Supramental Transformation has begun, it is irrefutable fact, with or without our permission. In fact it offers everything to us for which we have ever been yearning. What awaits us is beyond what we can imagine in our sweetest  dreams. Amazing how few actually want it.

At this point a striking comment by Mother: "Whoever will get involved with the hostile forces  too much enthusiastic and refuses the transformation will fall back to a level similar to the animal."  The ordinary mind has to abdicate. And animal beings are directly subordinate to Divine Will because they don't have a Mental t.i. an intellect like we do.

HE has decided it and resistance leads to suffering.



I believe with you, my friends, that God, if He exists, is a demon and an ogre. But after all what are you going to do about it?


Sri Aurobindo



 ... when the earth no longer needs to die in order to progress, there will be no more death. When the earth no longer needs to suffer in order to progress, there will be no more suffering. And when the earth no longer needs to hate in order to love, there will be no more hatred.

This [these sharp contrasts] is the quickest and most effective means to bring creation

out of its inertia and lead it towards its fulfilment. 




About these pages

This website does not want to persuade anyone. But sooner or later the Supramental Transformation will come true for each of us. We are already deeply involved.

The contents are dedicated to people who from the depth of their heart and soul are seeking a way out which has nothing to do with changing the external conditions of life. And to those who may already feel symptoms in themselves which are strange. I tried to address issues in a simple way which were essential to me without sliding into theoretical philosophical discussions. As far as this practical side is concerned I agree with Mother. 

Perhaps it can be support for those who are thrown into this situation and like me have to handle it by themselves. 



Part I: "Once upon a time" tries to span the period from our evolutionary beginnings up to the future as a Supramental Being: where we come from, what we really are and where the journey goes.

Part II: "Questions and Answers" is focused on the everyday life and provides room for questions that can arise in this process. Some questions will be intuitively set, others can be introduced by readers. 



All things seem hard to man that are above his attained level and they are hard to his unaided effort; but they become at once easy and simple when God in man takes up the contract. 


Sri Aurobindo

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 Der Mensch ist ein Übergangswesen. 

 Man is a transitional being. 

 Um den Glauben und alles andere zu erlangen, muss man darauf bestehen, ihn zu bekommen und darf solange nicht erlahmen oder verzweifeln oder aufgeben, bis man ihn besitzt – auf diese Weise wurde alles erlangt, seit diese schwierige Erde von denkenden und sehnsüchtigen Wesen bewohnt wird. Es gilt, sich ständig dem Licht zu öffnen und der Finsternis den Rücken zu kehren. Es gilt, die Stimmen zurückzuweisen, die unermüdlich behaupten: "Du kannst nicht, du darfst nicht, du bist unfähig, du bist eine Marionette eines Traumes." 

In order to gain faith and everything else you have to insist on getting it and must not grow weak, despair or give up until it is possessed - in this way everything has been obtained since this difficult earth is inhabited by thinking and longing beings. It is a matter of constantly opening ourselves to the light and turning your back on the darkness. It is necessary to reject the voices which tirelessly assert: "You cannot, you must not, you are incapable, you are a marionette of a dream."

 Ich glaube, ich kann behaupten, Tag und Nacht, Jahr um Jahr gewissenhafter experimentiert zu haben, als ein Wissenschaftler seine Theorie oder Methode auf der physischen Ebene prüft. 


I think I can claim to have experimented day and night, year by year, more conscientiously than a scientist examines his theory or method on the physical plane. 

 Die Manifestation der Liebe des Göttlichen in der Welt war das große Selbstopfer, die höchste Selbsthingabe. Das Vollkommene Bewusstsein willigte darin ein, in die Unbewusstheit der Materie einzutauchen und von ihr aufgesaugt zu werden, auf dass Bewusstheit in den tiefen ihrer Finsternis erweckt werde und nach und nach eine göttliche Macht darin auftauche und die Gesamtheit dieses manifestierten Universums zu einem höchsten Ausdruck des göttlichen Bewusstseins und der göttlichen Liebe mache.


The manifestation of the Divine Love in the world was the great self-sacrifice, the highest self-giving. The Perfect Consciousness consented to immerse in the unconsciousness of matter and to be absorbed by it to awaken consciousness in the depths of its darkness and to gradually reveal a Divine power in it and to turn the totality of this manifested universe into a supreme expression of the Divine consciousness and Divine love.


Ich kam nach Indien, um Sri Aurobindo zu begegnen. Ich blieb in Indien, um mit Sri Aurobindo zu leben. Als er seinen Körper verließ, fuhr ich fort, hier zu leben, um sein Werk weiterzuführen: d.h. der Wahrheit zu dienen und die Menschheit zu erleuchten, um die Herrschaft der göttlichen Liebe auf der Erde zu beschleunigen. 


 I came to India to meet Sri Aurobindo. I remained in India to live with Sri Aurobindo. When he left his body, I continued to live here in order to do his work which is by serving the Truth and enlightening humanity to hasten the rule of the Divine's Love upon earth.

 Gegenwärtig sind wir mitten in der Übergangsperiode, in welcher beide sich ineinander verschränken: Die alte Welt besteht noch in all ihrer Macht, beherrscht das gewöhnliche Bewusstsein, aber die neue schleicht sich ein, so bescheiden und unaufdringlich, dass sie für den Augenblick wenigstens äußerlich nicht sehr viel verändert ... aber sie arbeitet, sie wächst, bis auf den Tag, an dem sie stark genug ist, sich augenfällig zu behaupten. 


At the present time we are in the midst of the transitional period in which the two are intertwined: the old world still exists in all its power, dominates the ordinary consciousness, but the new is creeping in so modest and unobtrusive that at least for the moment it does not change much externally ...  but it works, it grows, until the day it is strong enough to assert itself visibly.


 Ich sah diese zwei Extreme: den Gipfel des Yogi und den Gipfel, sagen wir, des Elektronikers oder des Intellekts. Und was lag zwischen den beiden? Und wo ist es besser zu entschwinden? – Denn in beiden Fällen schien man zu entschwinden: entweder in leuchtendem Weiß oder in einem ziemlich erstickenden Schwarz. Aber das Leben, das göttliche Leben war das nicht!


 I saw these two extremes: the summit of the yogi and the summit, say, the electronics or the intellect. And what was between the two? And where is it better to escape? – For in both cases one seemed to be disappearing: either in bright white or in a rather suffocating black. But it wasn't life, not the Divine Life!

 Oh, wir halten uns alle für weise und wissend, wie schade! Wir schlafen weise und wissenschaftlich und auf einem seltsamen Feuer, das dort glimmert und das demnächst all unsere Weisheiten und Wissenschaften umstürzen wird. Was für Kinder wir doch sind! Dort, im Körper. Dieses Mysterium ...


Oh, we all consider ourselves wise and knowing, how pity! We sleep wisely and scientifically and on a strange fire glimmering there which will soon overthrow all our wisdoms and sciences. What children we are! There, in the body. This mystery ...


Es ist sehr seltsam: wie zwei Körper ineinander. Der eine weiß unwiderruflich und für immer und allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz, er kennt das Leben, das er berührt; und der andere, ein wenig darüber und ihn gleichsam verhüllend, ist der alte sterbliche Körper, das Resultat unzähliger Vorahnen, die ihm den Tod und nur den Tod eintrichterten – den Tod bei der geringsten Anzweiflung seines überlieferten alten Rhythmus. Und dieser weiß überhaupt nichts! Er weiß nur um das alte Gesetz.


It is very strange: like two bodies in each other. The one knows irrevocably and forever and against all odds, he knows the life he touches; and the other a little above and covering him is the old mortal body, the result of countless ancestors which brought him death and only death  – death at the slightest doubt of his ancient tradition. And he knows nothing at all! He only knows the old law. 

Es ist die Dunkelheit vor der


just the darkness

before dawn ...